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the women gaze at the photograph
     time stands still
the beer is getting warm

					 	Purple flowers
						   catch my eyes
						Work must go on

		She knew that a 'flat top'
		would make her happy
		once the tender young man touched 
		       her hair.

		  Jean Marcella Bellanca

		Heart full of casualties,
		wounds that pierced the armour...

		alone in a darkened room.

		  David d. (pseudonym)

In the smoke filled room
the saxophone
dances to startling sounds

				Broken heart strings
				dripping tears-
				violins wailing under moonbeams

				  D. N. Bloom

Open bird lands quiet:
soft friend of the sea
faring blue wave lengths

  Dave Knight (pseudonym)

		Am I connected to this earth
		     or merely earth-bound?
		There are chasms in the difference.

		  Jerry Murphy (pseudonym) 

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